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2016 - 2020  Duncan of Jordanstone             College of Art and Design, specialised in Fine Art, University of Dundee, Scotland

BA (Hons) Fine Art

Current Exhibitions

2020 July - Sept The Strathearn Gallery

Crieff, Scotland


2020 June - Oct Morningside Gallery

Edinburgh, Scotland


2020  12 June - Sept Virtual Degree Show

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee, Scotland



Upcoming Events

2020  25 July - 9 Aug  Fortingall Art

Annual  Summer Exhibition, Fortingall, Scotland



2020 Nov - Jan  The Whitehouse Gallery, 'Mixed Winter Show'.
Kirkcudbright, Scotland.


Past Exhibitions

2019 Nov   The Spence Gallery, Crieff, Scotland

2019 July-Aug   Fortingall Art Gallery, Annual         Summer Exhibition, Fortingall, Scotland

2019 May   Fethiye Art Festival, Fethiye, Turkey

 2019 April - July   Ron Lawson West End Gallery, Dundee, Scotland

2019  Feb -April    The Aberfeldy Gallery, Aberfeldy, Scotland

2018 Nov -Jan    The Strathearn Gallery, Crieff, Scotland

2018 July - Aug   Fortingall Art Gallery, Annual         Summer Exhibition, Fortingall, Scotland

2017 July -Aug    Fortingall Art, Annual         Summer Exhibition, Fortingall, Scotland 

2015 Nov - Dec  Ruthven Gallery, Auchterarder,                          Scotland

Personal Statement

My art is my imagination coloured in on canvas.  

My mind’s eye gazes through my dreams, feelings and memories to what I observe and leads me to paint as I do. I perceive and interpret things and places based on the value and meaning I give them.  

Erraid Gaskell Art - Freelance Artist
Erraid Gaskell Art - 'Midnight Trail' paintings series

Erraid is a modern abstract expressionist artist. Her vivid landscapes do not copy Nature. Rather, they explore intense experience and dreaming through memory and imagination,  creating form and a sense of place. Her paintings are at the intersection of  landscape and dreamscape, inscape and escape.

Erraid uses a wide range of materials such as acrylic, pastel, collage and oil. From her home in Perthshire, she draws inspiration from the countryside in Scotland and overseas. Folklore and Færie have always inspired her.  She likes to enchant through the colours of her palette, textures and imagery.  

Erraid's painting process is holistic and instinctive. She creates pieces with  many layers of colour, allowing translucent and opaque shapes to overlap. Combining unusual colours onto canvas, depicting nature's wildness and mystery brings her joy.  

She invites the viewer to see the magnificence of nature through her art. 

Born in Perth, Scotland, 1997.

Erraid spent her childhood growing up on the Black Isle and her adolescence in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Whilst living in Scotland with her studio in Dundee, Erraid also considers Australia home. 

From Britain to Asia, Scotland to Australia and back again – her travels around the globe have exposed her to other cities and cultures, wilderness and the Outback. Erraid considers herself to be a person of many different places.

From 2016 to 2020, Erraid studied and graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, specialising in Fine Art.​ Her artwork is currently showcased on DJCAD's online graduate showcase, from 12 June until September, 2020.

BA Honours in Fine Art.


Summer 2020

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