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I sell my artwork through the galleries listed in the page below.

To view or purchase new work in current or upcoming

exhibitions, please see  News + Events  page.


Although my paintings are coming in and out of galleries all the time and I may have paintings available, you might be looking for something more personal. By viewing my website, or discussing things with me, we can start getting an idea of what you are looking for.


My collection of colours and subject matters range from fiery scarlet fields with starry night skies to dreamlike forests with hidden trails and cottages. My themes are endless. My Painting Archive is only a glimpse of what my artistic imagination can offer. 

If you would like to consider going down the commission route I'd be happy to discuss further details with you.  

Erraid Gaskell Art - 'Midnight Trail' paintings series
Erraid Gaskell. Scottish Landscape Artis




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